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Countries neighboring Ukraine are ready for an influx of migrants

While the war on the territory of Ukraine continues to develop, its neighboring countries have already made the necessary preparations for all occasions.

Slovakia, which borders Ukraine at a distance of 97 km, said it was ready to provide assistance to Ukrainian citizens, according to SchengenVisaInfo.com.

The Slovak authorities announced that all border crossings with Ukraine are working, except for the railway ones.

In addition, it is explained that firefighters built temporary emergency camps for Ukrainian refugees. In addition, the throughput of asylum points has been increased.

The Slovak Interior Ministry reported earlier today that 10,526 entries have been made in the last 24 hours alone.

All persons fleeing the war are allowed to stay on the territory of Slovakia for 90 days. However, once a person applies for asylum, their status will change and the 90-day rule will no longer apply to them.

Ukraine has a visa-free regime with its neighboring countries, which means that they can cross the border without the need to have a valid visa or additional documents. Entry into Slovakia is also permitted for persons without a valid travel document, after they have passed an inspection.

The Polish authorities also assured Ukrainian citizens that they would be allowed into Poland. It was clarified that everyone would be admitted to Poland, even those who did not have valid documents.

“If you are fleeing an armed conflict in Ukraine, do not worry that you do not have documents allowing you to enter Poland,” the Polish government said in a statement.

They advised all citizens of Ukraine to contact the nearest reception point if they do not have a place to live in Poland. In addition, they stressed that everyone will be provided with food and medical care.

Polish border police said more than 29,000 Ukrainians arrived on Thursday, with even more on Friday.

Two other neighboring countries, Moldova and Romania, also registered large numbers of arrivals from Ukraine.

In addition to the aforementioned countries, the Czech Republic also announced that the country is ready to provide support to all incoming migrants from Ukraine. The Czech Republic has activated a migration wave preparedness plan to help Ukrainian citizens.

“Ukraine is a victim of Russian aggression, and we will not leave our friends without help. If Ukrainian citizens stop their stay, they do not need to be afraid of restrictions. As part of a simplified procedure, they can apply for a special type of visa and stay with us,” he said. Czech Interior Minister Vit Rakusan.

In addition, he noted that the rules for extending visas will continue to operate in the future.

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