Hieroglyphs are returned to Egyptian schools. Egyptian hieroglyphs: language or font type?

The Ministry of Education of Egypt stated that the idea of ​​introducing hieroglyphic symbols and their corresponding meanings in Arabic in the curriculum from the fourth grade to the middle level is being considered.

This is aimed at acquainting Egyptian students with their ancient history in order to gain knowledge, awareness and awaken students’ interest in hieroglyphic writing, which was one of the most important means of communication with ancient Egyptian civilization.

Hieroglyphs were used as a template for official writing on temples, tombs, statues, colored stones and wooden panels. Ancient Egyptian is an African (Hamitic) and Asian (Semitic as well as Arabic) language.

The ancient Egyptians invented the ancient Egyptian language around 3000 BC. It continued to be used until about the tenth century AD. This probably makes it the oldest language in the world, as it has existed for more than 4,000 years.

Perhaps the most prominent lines of the ancient Egyptian language are the “hieroglyphs”, which means “sacred inscription” in the language of the ancient Greeks.

Most of the inscriptions and writings that came from the pharaonic civilization of Egypt were written in hieroglyphic font, which is somewhat similar to the script of copies in modern Arabic.

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The classical stage is the language of ancient Egyptian literature. According to scholars, the ancient Egyptian language went through five main stages:

  1. Ancient Egyptian: This is the oldest known stage of the language and dates back to about 2600 – 2100 BC.
  2. Medieval Egyptian: It is sometimes called Classical Egyptian and is associated with ancient Egypt. It appeared from about 2100 to about 1600 BC. It continued to exist as a language throughout the history of Ancient Egypt.
  3. Late Egyptian: This stage of the language acquired the status of medieval Egyptian after 1600 BC. e. It differs from previous stages, especially grammar.
  4. Demotics: evolution from late Egypt, first appeared around 650 BC. BC and continued to be used until the V century AD.
  5. Coptic: associated with the demotic and appeared in the late first century AD and was used for a thousand years. The oldest Coptic texts written by the Egyptians date back to the eleventh century AD.
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