Egypt has officially opened a unique place for tourists

Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced on Monday that hundreds of visitors and media representatives had gathered at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization after the grand opening of the Main Exhibition Hall.

The statement said that 800 tickets were sold on Sunday with the participation of 400 representatives of Egyptian and international news agencies, newspapers and TV channels from the United States, Germany, France, China, Japan, England and Russia.

Visitors were photographed in the central exhibition hall and on Lake Ain Al-Sira, which overlooks the museum.

Fairuz Fikri, executive vice president of NMEC’s ​​Office of Management and Operations, said 600 tickets were also sold online through a website launched by the tourism ministry on Wednesday as part of its plan to make it easier for visitors to book tickets.

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The price of a visitor’s ticket for an Egyptian is LE60 (approximately UAH 100), for an Egyptian student – LE30 (UAH 50), for a foreign student – LE200 (UAH 350), for a foreign student – LE100 (UAH 180).

The museum is open from nine in the morning to five in the evening, except for the evening period on Friday from six in the evening to nine in the evening.

The museum’s board of directors has agreed to give a 50 percent discount on ticket prices to Egyptians and foreigners for two weeks, from April 4 to 17, to visit the main exhibition hall.

This is in addition to allowing Egyptian, Arab and international media to photograph the exhibits inside the post office on April 4 and 5 free of charge.

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