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Studying in Austria

Austria offers a number of scholarships from the budget of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Austria to citizens of other countries, including citizens of Ukraine.

At the beginning of the academic year 2002-2003, a Unified Database of Austrian Scholarships was created in Austria. Interested parties from partner countries can take part in the competition for Austrian scholarships.

It should be noted that in relation to all Austrian scholarships there is a principle according to which only applicants with the highest level of training are selected from all countries.

However, even if all the selection criteria are met, the person concerned does not have the legal right to claim an Austrian scholarship.

More detailed information as well as application forms can be found in the Austrian Academic Exchange Service’s scholarship database on the ÖAD information website.

Applicants from Ukraine can also get questionnaires directly at the Austrian Cultural Forum at the Austrian Embassy in Ukraine (Kyiv). Completed questionnaires can be sent to Vienna, as well as through this cultural forum at the Austrian Embassy in Kyiv.

Those interested in obtaining scholarships in the field of art can apply directly to the organization “KulturKontakt” in Austria at the following address:

Spittelberggasse 3 A-1070 Vienna
Tel .: + 1043 1 523-87-65
Fax: + 1043 1 523-65-20

Information about ÖAD

Questionnaires for special scholarships (for example, for teacher training at the Vienna International Higher Education Courses, see the website www.kulturundsprache.at) are available at the Austrian Cultural Forum in Kyiv. These scholarship applications are submitted through the Cultural Forum of the Austrian Embassy in Ukraine (Kyiv).

Culture and language
Your contact person – Education and Science Attaché of the Austrian Embassy in Ukraine:

Andreas Wenninger

Ukrainian-Austrian Center for Cooperation in Science, Education and Culture
street University, 1, room. 240
79000, Lviv,
Tel./Fax +380 32/261 59 76, +380 32/238 84 68

Information on submitting an initial application for a residence and residence permit for students
Questionnaires with a complete set of documents must be submitted to the Austrian Embassy as soon as possible – 12 weeks BEFORE the scheduled start of training.

Processing of documents by the relevant internal authorities in Austria can take up to 6 months.

When submitting applications, you should pay attention to their completeness. There is often a lack of proof of guaranteed livelihood (certificate from the bank or bank details) and a certificate of the right to an apartment accepted in the area, which inevitably leads to longer processing of documents and waiting.

Applicants must include their e-mail address in the questionnaires.

Applicants must IMMEDIATELY apply to local authorities immediately after entering Austria to obtain a residence permit or to provide missing documents if necessary.

Detailed information, application forms, a memo on the calculation of funds for accommodation, a memo for foreign students can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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