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New entry rules into Ukraine come into force today

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has made changes to the Resolution on crossing the state border

We bring to your attention about Changes in PKMU one thousand two hundred thirty six (with changes from 03/22/21):

Upon entering Ukraine:

1) All foreigners must have a negative PCR test taken no later than 72 hours before crossing the state border (regardless of which country the foreigner is flying from) and a health insurance policy.

The application of self-isolation or observation to foreigners is NOT carried out. If there are no PCR tests – they refuse entry.

Exempt from tests and insurance (diplomats, crew members, and others according to the PKMU one thousand two hundred and thirty-six).

2) All citizens of Ukraine fall under self-isolation / observation (no matter from which country the citizen is sent) by establishing a mob. Home applications.

Citizens of Ukraine who have a negative PCR test taken no later than 48 hours before crossing the border are exempt from self-isolation / observation.

The beginning of action of these requirements – from 00.00 24.03.2021.

Citizens of Ukraine cannot be denied entry to Ukraine, this right is protected by the Constitution. But now all Ukrainians when crossing the border must go to self-isolation, explained in a comment to the BBC News Ukraine, a representative of the State Border Service Andrei Demchenko.

If citizens of Ukraine do not have a negative PCR test for covid when crossing the border, they must install the application “Home”, go to self-isolation, pass the PCR test in Ukraine, get a negative result and then the administrators of the application “Home” will remove them from self-isolation, ”Mr. Demchenko said.

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