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China opens its borders to foreigners who are vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine

China makes it easier for foreigners to enter the country. But there is one condition: they must receive a vaccine from Covid-19 made in China.

At least 23 Chinese embassies around the world have issued new visa policies over the past week with this condition, including in the United States and the United Kingdom, both places where Chinese vaccines are not available.

China’s foreign ministry says the move is aimed at the “orderly” start of international travel, and vaccinated travelers will continue to be subject to state quarantine upon arrival, CNN reports.

But experts have expressed concern about China’s decision to prioritize domestic vaccines over those approved by the World Health Organization with a higher degree of effectiveness.

They say it risks forcing countries to approve Chinese vaccines and setting a dangerous precedent that, if passed, could differentiate other countries.

It also raises practical questions – what options do people have if they live in countries that have not approved Chinese-made vaccines?

“This is a very important moment in vaccine diplomacy,” said Nicholas Thomas, an associate professor of health safety at Hong Kong City University. “In essence, this means that if you want to visit us, you need to make our vaccine,” CNN reports.

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