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Tourists in Austria were baffled to learn that their hostel was inside an Ikea furniture store

The original hostel was visited by tourists from Austria. On TikTok, tourists told how they were confused when they found out that their hostel was inside an Ikea furniture store. However, according to the price-quality ratio of the location, they were satisfied as a result.

At the same time, the hostel is located not just in Austria, but in Vienna and the city center. According to the blog’s author, Jess Brown, 28, she and two of her friends booked a room at Jo&Joe Hostel. Only when they arrived at the address, did they realize its location — inside an Ikea store.

“We were quite confused,” she assures. In the accompanying clip, the blogger and her friends, laden with large backpacks, take an Ikea escalator to the upper levels of the store. “People looked at us when we walked with big backpacks.

It looked like we were moving into Ikea,” she commented with humor.

The hostel itself is located on the upper 5th and 6th floors of the store. And in general, the blogger is very satisfied with the placement. “The hostel is very spacious, with an industrial design, quite cool,” she described. She also noted that this hostel was currently the most original in which she stayed. Three friends paid only 340 euros (33 thousand rubles) for three nights. Access to the Ikea cafeteria for a cheap meal was also a nice bonus. Another “funny” bonus was that you could watch the Ikea shoppers below through the glass walls. “The shop closed at night, and the hostel had a Night at the Museum atmosphere,” she added, but clarified that the experience was “weird” but not “scary.”

By the way, at the birthplace of a well-known Swedish company in Elmhurst. Sweden even has a 250-room Ikea hotel literally across the street from the company’s museum. All hotel rooms are furnished with furniture from this manufacturer and, as the authors assure, this can inspire tourists with new ideas for their own homes. The restaurant serves all the classic dishes that Ikea is famous for, including meatballs.

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