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Australian tourist attacked by a saltwater crocodile while swimming

A foreign tourist has survived after she was attacked by a saltwater crocodile in a remote area of Australia while she was swimming in a river. This was reported by the ABC TV channel, citing a representative of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation, and Attractions (DBCA).

The incident occurred in Kimberley, a sparsely populated county in the north of the state of Western Australia, Kimberley Creek, near Gambut Bay, on May 15, but it became known only now. The Australian decided to swim in a freshwater reservoir, but her plans were violated by a two-meter combed crocodile, which, as a rule, lives in salt water. The woman was able to escape from the powerful jaws of a predator and called for help. Although the tourist escaped with minor injuries, she was given first aid at the scene, after which the victim was transferred to the hospital for further treatment.

DBCA personnel based in East Kimberley surveyed the remote site and posted warning signs to prevent similar incidents in the future. They said that saltwater crocodiles are widespread in the northwest of Australia, and tourists, as well as residents, are constantly warned to take extra care when approaching the water. The DBCA representative also explained where exactly in this river the “guest performer” appeared. The rainy season, which brought floods to the region earlier this year, allowed the crocodiles to move to places where they hadn’t even been seen before, he said.

However, this is not the first time Kimberley crocodiles have attacked humans. The last such incident occurred in October 2022 in Cyclone Creek, located 250 kilometers north of the city of Broome (NW Western Australia), when two men were also victims of a saltwater crocodile attack.

Reference: Saltwater crocodiles are one of the largest diving freshwater reptiles in the world and live in coastal waters and rivers in certain regions of Asia and Australia. They are found predominantly in the northern parts of Australia, including northern Queensland, the Northern Territory, and the west coast of the Kimberley in Western Australia.

In Asia, this species lives in the coastal areas of numerous countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and Papua New Guinea. There, too, they can be found in freshwater rivers, mangroves, bays, and coastal lagoons.

It is important to note that saltwater crocodiles pose a danger to humans, especially if they are near water. In this regard, tourists and residents living in regions where saltwater crocodiles live are advised to take special safety measures and vigilance when near water bodies.

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