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Fifteen people have been arrested on suspicion of arson in Albania

Between July 25th and August 10th, Albanian police detained 15 people on suspicion of arson, according to Albania’s Exit news website. At yesterday’s press conference, the head of the public order department said that the police had charged 16 people, two more are wanted.

He reminded pasture users to be careful when lighting fires, as they will be responsible for any damage to forests, pastures and private property, even if the fires were caused by an accident.

About 200 fires have erupted in Albania since mid-July, destroying thousands of acres of forest, pasture and olive groves. One person died in the fires, and residents of several settlements had to be evacuated.

Earlier today, fires broke out again on the Karaburun Peninsula in southern Albania, just hours after authorities announced they had located them. Defense Minister Nico Pelesi said the fires were caused intentionally.

Yesterday, Kosovo President Vios Osmani allowed the deployment of the Kosovo Army to put out fires in Albania. The Kosovo military has been sent to put out a fire in the Kukrus Nature Park near the Albanian-Kosovo border. The fire in this area has already been extinguished.

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