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Tourists with expired visas in the UAE will now have to pay $15 per day

Tourists staying in the UAE with an overstayed visa will have to pay daily fines as the UAE implements a single tariff for overstaying visas, including residence visas and tourist visas. The amount of the fine for each day of delay after the grace period is $15.

Tourists and residents in Dubai should be careful about the validity of their visas when visiting the UAE to avoid unnecessary fines. Especially since they are not small. “The UAE Digital Government, in collaboration with the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security, has announced a new unified fee structure for overstaying expired residence or stay visas. According to the new rules, a fine of 50 dirhams (which is equivalent to approximately 500 hryvnias at the current exchange rate) will be imposed for each day after the expiration of the visa and any grace period granted for its extension,” the Gulf News portal reported.

The authorities clarified that their decision is timely, as officials have provided convenient channels that provide visa information and permit processing services to everyone who wants to.

So, the digital government of the UAE has created special electronic channels:

  1. Website of the department
  2. Smart program
  3. Dubai Now app
  4. Authorized centers

All platforms provide comprehensive information on fees for visa services, including costs associated with issuing, extending, or canceling visas and residence permits. It was clarified that the programs are available for download in Google and Apple stores. Those who wish to renew their visa in person must go to one of the authorized centers approved by the General Directorate of Residents and Foreigners in Dubai. After the application is submitted and approved at these centers, the applicant will receive an approval letter along with the original entry permit.

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