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A fine of £ 5,000 for leaving the country

The new laws, which will take effect next week, could result in a £ 5,000 fine for travelers from England if they leave the country without good reason.

The fine is set out in a law to be passed by parliament this week.

Holidays abroad are currently prohibited by the “stay at home” rule in force throughout England.

However, it ends on Monday.

In response, the government will impose a travel ban on the UK as a specific offense, backed by the threat of a fine.

According to the current plan to ease restrictions, the British will be able to go abroad on vacation no earlier than May 17.

However, the growing number of Covid-19 cases in continental Europe, as well as the slow introduction of vaccines, have called into question the resumption of foreign travel.

According to reports, the ban on travel abroad may be extended at least until July.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock said restrictions on travel abroad were needed to protect against the import of large numbers of new strains of the virus that could jeopardize the deployment of the vaccine.

The Global Travel Working Group is also considering establishing a multi-level or traffic light system for international travel following the lifting of the travel ban.

Discussions focus on what restrictions will apply to travelers returning from the lowest level destinations.

The information is intended to be published on April 12.

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