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Woman pimp deported from UAE to Uzbekistan

A citizen of Uzbekistan, who had been on the international wanted list for 9 years, was deported from the United Arab Emirates to Tashkent. The operation was carried out by employees of the national central bureaus of Tashkent and Abu Dhabi.

The detainee is accused of human trafficking. According to law enforcement agencies, the woman took the girls to the United Arab Emirates for the purpose of sale and exploitation.

At first, she promised them a well-paid job, but after their arrival in the UAE, she took away their passports and forced them to engage in prostitution.

Since the woman left the Republic of Uzbekistan, the charge was brought in absentia. Since 2013, she has been on the international wanted list through Interpol channels. The operation was carried out thanks to the interaction of law enforcement agencies of the two countries.

It is worth recalling that the Dubai Police have their own application to stop cases of human trafficking. The service helps victims and witnesses report violations of the law to the police.

Victims are strongly encouraged to provide personal details, identification number and email address, and the type of assistance required. In response, the person will receive a confirmation message with a unique number, which ensures that the complaint has reached the police.

Residents can also alert the police via email htccc@dubaipolice.gov.ae and hotline 8005005. This initiative is in line with the main approaches outlined by the UAE National Anti-Trafficking Committee.

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