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Named the safest countries in the world

The ranking of the safest countries in the world, including for tourists, was presented by the global crowdsourced database Numbeo. A total of 142 countries have been included in the Security Index rating, while one state has remained at the top of the hit parade for five years — and that is Qatar. A list of the safest cities is also presented, where almost all cities of the UAE are in the top ten.

The details are as follows. The top ten safest countries look like this — we present the list from the compilers:

  1. Qatar
  2. UAE,
  3. Taiwan (China),
  4. The Isle of Man,
  5. Oman,
  6. Hong Kong (China),
  7. Armenia,
  8. Japan,
  9. Switzerland,
  10. Bahrain.

The rating of the safest cities, even for tourists, was topped by the capital of the UAE – and note that almost all the emirates made it to the list:

  1. Abu Dhabi (UAE),
  2. Doha (Qatar),
  3. Taipei (Taiwan, China),
  4. Ajman (UAE),
  5. Sharjah (UAE),
  6. Quebec (Canada),
  7. Dubai (UAE),
  8. San Sebastian (Spain),
  9. Bern (Switzerland),
  10. Eskişehir (Turkey).

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