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Dubai to Build world’s largest tourist artificial reef

URB, the developer behind the 90 km Dubai Cycle Highway, has announced an ambitious new project to build the world’s largest artificial reef, the Dubai Reefs, to promote ocean restoration and ecotourism.

1 billion corals to be landed on an artificial reef in Dubai

Plans call for the project to include the world’s most diverse artificial reef, covering 200 square kilometers, which could be home to over 1 billion corals and 100 million mangroves. It is also planned to place residential, hotel, and retail premises, including floating eco-houses, wave farms, and ocean farming.

The floating site will be able to produce climate-friendly food through regenerative farming in the ocean.

But, most importantly, according to the developer, URB, the futuristic project will be based on the activities of the Maritime Institute, where scientists and researchers could work to strengthen the protection of Dubai’s marine and coastal areas.

Therefore, the marine area will also boast a floating laboratory.

DUBAI REEFS – a new experience for tourists and a step towards cities in the ocean

The development of the project will bring a new experience to tourists who will be able to travel on electric boats to the Dubai Reefs to get a unique experience of marine ecotourism.

Staying in floating eco-resorts and lodges that will be powered by 100% renewable energy sources, travelers will be able to admire the very same corals and mangroves. Will be available to travelers and scientific programs at the Maritime Institute.

“We need entrepreneurial experience in coastal city planning. As an innovative coastal city, Dubai is best suited for this transformation. In addition to creating a unique sustainable destination for ecotourism and marine exploration, Dubai Reefs aims to become a model of life in the ocean while mitigating the effects of climate change,” said URB Executive Director Baharash Bagheryan.

Previously, the developer announced the project of a futuristic bike highway

Depending on when the project is funded, the first phase could be implemented as early as 2025-2030. The project is currently in the research and development stage. The Dubai Reefs project is currently the world’s largest undertaking of its kind.

Earlier, URB also unveiled the 93-kilometer The Loop-covered cycleway project. The track is to be climate controlled throughout the year, making walking and cycling the preferred mode of transport in the city. The Loop will be powered by a kinetic floor.

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