Dubai expects to attract wealthy tourists to vacations with the help of celebrity bloggers

Dubai tourism authorities have begun inviting popular Western TV shows and celebrity bloggers to promote the emirate as a destination for wealthy people.

“These are our new ambassadors,” Agnes Levallois, Senior Fellow at the Strategic Research Foundation and Vice President of the Mediterranean Institute for Near Eastern Studies, told Le Point. – They have the power to influence the minds of people, albeit sometimes against their will, so we hope that with their help we will destroy the stereotype about the conservatism of our society. We want to present Dubai to the world as a progressive monarchy. “

The first to go on a luxe class business trip were a model from France, a reality show participant Nabila Vergara, TV presenter and actress Caroline Receiver and fashion model Jessica Tivenin. Each of them has over a million followers on social networks. Their task is to show and tell their subscribers about the luxury life of Dubai.

Bloggers publish pictures of expensive yachts and cars on their pages, write about safe life in the UAE, about boutiques where you can make bargain purchases.

“By refusing to depend on others, Dubai has been creative in diversifying its economy through the sale of real estate, the development of transportation, services and retail of luxury goods,” explains Levallois.

In November 2020, the United Arab Emirates revised its Criminal Code in favor of more personal freedoms: in particular, the use of alcohol became freer, cohabitation outside of marriage was no longer illegal.

Meanwhile, Dubai authorities and law enforcement are encouraging visitors and residents of the Emirate to behave ethically with respect to traditional culture and show respect for the values ​​of the Emirati society.

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