Abu Dhabi releases post-vaccination mortality statistics

The emirate of Abu Dhabi has not reported a single death from COVID-19 among residents who received two doses of the vaccine, according to a study by the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center (ADPHC).

The study showed a significant reduction in the incidence of COVID-19 infection among people who were fully vaccinated. The vaccinated metropolitan residents who fell ill after vaccination, in turn, suffered a mild coronavirus. They did not require hospitalization or ICU treatment.

Thus, the vaccine was 93% effective in preventing hospitalization and 95% effective in preventing admission to intensive care. Based on the study, the center concluded that “immunity against COVID-19 is best developed through vaccination and taking precautions.”

At the same time, infection with COVID-19 does not guarantee the development of immunity to it in the future – a person who has recovered can become infected again. The risk of infection increases the emergence of new mutations in the virus. In addition, even mild illness can lead to long-term health complications.

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“Post-COVID-19 syndrome” can affect the elderly, people with chronic diseases and even healthy people. Coronavirus can cause complications in the heart, lungs and brain, lead to blood clots and diseases that require long-term medical attention.

The vaccine is currently available in over 205 health centers across the country. Pre-registration for vaccination is required. For more information on vaccinations, call 80011111 (UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention), 8001717 (Abu Dhabi Health Department) and 800342 (Dubai Health Authority).

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