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A new grandiose island will be built in Dubai, which will overshadow the famous Palm Jumeirah

The master plan for the development of Dubai until 2040 includes a mega project to create a new artificial island, which is designed to add more than 100 km of beaches to the emirate, more than 80 unique hotels, and also surpass the famous island of Palm Jumeirah. The new project, Palm Jebel Ali, is at least twice as large in area.

As reported in the UAE press it is about a “restart” of the project. The creation of Palm Jebel Ali was planned more than 20 years ago – then, in 2002, an artificial island with an area of 13.4 square meters was already designed. km, on which it was planned to create several hotels and resorts, as well as residential areas and commercial centers. However, everything stopped at the stage of dredging and land reclamation – the work was interrupted by the crisis of 2008, after which it did not resume.

And so the project found a second wind. The media reported that the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, had given the go-ahead for the new artificial island project.

This time, it is planned to build more than 80 new hotels and resorts on it, and the island should add 110 km of new beaches to Dubai and become a “benchmark of life and recreation by the sea”, which will attract new tourists to the emirate.

By the way, the Dubai development project generally predicts that the beach area in the emirate will increase fivefold shortly. In addition to the new island, the beach is also planned to be expanded on the aforementioned Palm Jumeirah island, and their number will also be increased in Al-Mamzar, with a new beach also promised in Jebel Ali harbor. Moreover, some of the new beaches should replenish the number of those where night swimming is allowed.

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