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7 best golf clubs in Dubai in 2021

There can be no more enjoyable or healthy way to detoxify your body and mind than a good golf game surrounded by company, bad rides, missed shots, sudden gusts of wind, bad bounces and tiny small flaws in the turf.

Dubai, a very globalized wealthy city, is a modern oasis filled with tall skyscrapers, numerous fascinating escapades and several luxurious entertainment opportunities. The cosmopolitan also boasts the best golf courses and spacious leisure facilities, offering a great atmosphere, food and drink. The following is our recommendation for the seven best golf courses in Dubai that are currently operational.

The Dubai Assured stamp

7 best golf clubs in Dubai in 2021

Since Dubai reopened its borders to visitors, the Dubai authorities have issued the Dubai Assured brand to reassure tourists and residents that establishments in Dubai have taken all necessary precautions and the highest safety standards and protocols to stop the spread of COVID-19.

As a prerequisite for starting a business, every hotel, restaurant, beverage and sightseeing in Dubai must have the stamp “Dubai Assured”. The Dubai Assured brand is only available to institutions that comply with strict safety and hygiene measures in the UAE.

The Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

7 best golf clubs in Dubai in 2021

The Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club offers a wide five-star holiday in the heart of the city. Along with its 18-hole and three-course courses, it boasts a state-of-the-art golf academy, quality restaurants in its iconic sail-shaped clubhouse and idyllic setting, enjoying exquisite synergies with Park Hyatt Dubai and Marina.

The 18-hole course 71 at Dubai Creek, which measures 6,967 yards, is a championship. The 9-hole Par 3 course is ideal for beginners to test their skills before heading to the championship, for experienced players to improve their short game, and even for just a pleasant round of social golf after sunset.

Jumeirah Golf Estates

7 best golf clubs in Dubai in 2021

Jumeirah Golf Estates is a world-class golf course that offers state-of-the-art entertainment facilities among two internationally recognized golf courses – Earth Course and Fire Course, creating an unsurpassed life experience in the heart of the new Dubai. Situated on 1,119 hectares of lush green landscape, the spacious golf course is an unrivaled place offering world-class amenities.

Earth Course is the proud host of the DP World Championships, Dubai – the culmination of the season “Race to Dubai” and the European tour.

Fire Course is a challenge that you enjoy and an experience that you want to repeat. Located between native herbs, it shows a golden glow in the sunlight, and away from the perfect playing surfaces, Fire is a hard and difficult field for golfers of all abilities.

Emirates Golf Club

7 best golf clubs in Dubai in 2021

Emirates Golf Club is a comprehensive leisure center with its main facilities, a combination of casual and fine dining, swimming, fitness and tennis facilities. One of the most attractively maintained courses of Dubai Golf Club is the 3 Academy Course, which offers many challenges for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player.

The flagship course at Emirates Golf Club, the field for the Majlis Championship, is a huge and complex plan measuring 72, 7,301 yards. The famous Majilis Golf Course has built a great reputation around the world as a test layout for even the best golfers. The field features hundreds of indigenous species of flora and fauna, perfectly complemented by winding fairways and seven fresh and sea lakes.

Els Club

7 best golf clubs in Dubai in 2021

Offering the same level of sophistication and class that it is known and loved for, The Els Club is known as one of the best places to play golf in the Middle East. Designed by former US Open winner Ernie Els, the critically designed playground has clear, clean playing surfaces with a quality similar to Augusta, making it popular with European tour players.

Extensive use of sandy waste and local grass and vegetation between the wide fairways and perfectly manicured playing surfaces, open 365 days a year, combined with the club’s ideal restaurants, satisfies your appetite for a first-class golfing experience.

Dubai Hills Golf Club

7 best golf clubs in Dubai in 2021

Dubai Hills Golf Club is an 18-hole par-72 championship golf course that offers a challenge to golfers of all abilities. A quiet and lush living area, just 15 minutes from central Dubai, is a key golf destination in the region.

The golf course itself looks like an eye, but it’s hard to ignore the view of the cityscape in the background. Located on the spectacular Dubai skyline with the iconic Burj Khalifa background, Dubai Hills Golf Club reserves the desire to return.

Trump International Golf Course

7 best golf clubs in Dubai in 2021

The former President of the United States himself is well known for controversy, but nothing but positive can be said about the Trump International Golf Course in Dubai. Impeccably designed by world-renowned golf course architect in 2016 Gil Hans, the 7,300-yard, 71-yard course is located in the heart of DAMAC Hills at 42 million square feet.

The spacious golf course houses a 30,000-square-foot clubhouse, the largest of its kind in Dubai. Overlooking the 9th and 18th greenery, this spacious clubhouse features Stoke House Dubai, a chic family restaurant and a casual sports lounge where you can relax in a refined atmosphere, a well-equipped fitness center and a luxurious infinity pool.

Al Zorah Golf Club

7 best golf clubs in Dubai in 2021

Created by the famous Niklaus group, it is not surprising that Al-Zora hit right on top as one of the leading golf courses in Dubai. Al Zorah Golf Club is a pocket of tranquility in another area, where the noise lives away from the hustle and bustle of high-rise buildings.

With one of the best Par 3 collections in Dubai, firm and fast greens are an alternative to other fields in the region, as proper club selection is a must to avoid treacherous landing areas.

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