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Turkey connects Europe and Asia with new record-breaking bridge

In Turkey, a new bridge between Europe and Asia was built across the Dardanelles – this suspension bridge has the world’s longest central span of 2,023 m. The total length of the bridge is 4,608 m, and the height of the towers supporting the central span exceeds 300 m.

According to Ebru Özdemir, head of Limak Holding, which built the bridge, the structure will be called Canakkale 1915 and is ready for opening. However, the exact date of commissioning of the bridge has not yet been announced. Construction has slowed and costs have risen due to supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic.

The bridge is expected to become a new symbol of Turkey. Its name contains a memorable date for the country: in 1915, during the First World War, in the battle of Gallipoli (Canakkale), the Turkish army did not allow Britain and France to take control of the Dardanelles.

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