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Wild morning ritual, queue for 40 minutes: barbaric custom in hotels in Spain stuns tourists

The wild morning ritual of the “battle for sunbeds” continues to surprise tourists. This time, Yahoo News led to a video of an American tourist who was shocked by the barbaric custom of European vacationers in Tenerife, which is on the Canary Islands in Spain.
Crowds of guests at his hotel get up at dawn every morning to rush to occupy the sunbeds, and the “civilized” line stretches for 40 minutes, but many also act in “hooligan” ways.
As the tourist said, at first, when his wife told him about the “morning race” for sunbeds, he didn’t even believe it. But he decided to watch – and was extremely surprised.
“The pool opens at 8 in the morning. Already at this time, a crowd of vacationers with towels in their hands is waiting for a few meters behind the rope-fenced area. Some guests stood in line for 40 minutes to get a sunbed. As soon as the pool opens, people go straight to the beds — some run — as if in a panic, to occupy the sunbeds with their towels,” the tourist said.
Moreover, such a picture is observed every morning, and some tourists use non-trivial methods in the fight for a “place under the sun”. One tourist threw a towel on a sunbed through the crowd, others even threw towels from the stairs before the pool opened.
Moreover, as the tourist added, most of the winners, having taken a sunbed, seem to go to rest, leaving their towels on the sunbeds. “It gets to the point that the staff puts up signs: if you don’t return to the sunbed, we will remove your things,” the tourist writes.

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