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Why you can’t swim at night in Egypt

On many beaches in Egypt, you can see signs stating that swimming after sunset is prohibited. Guides also warn tourists not to go into the water unnecessarily. This is connected, among other things, with the rich underwater world of the Red Sea.

Local authorities also forbid entering the sea after sunset and put appropriate signs on public beaches. At some resorts in Egypt, it is forbidden to enter the water after 18:00.

Many people go to the Red Sea to admire the local fauna. Not just in Egypt, scuba diving and deep diving are developed. Some tourists simply dive with masks and goggles to look at the colorful fish and corals.

However, the fauna of the Red Sea is not only beautiful but also dangerous. The fact is that after sunset, predatory fish wake up, which can be dangerous to humans. You are not warned against sharks but against poisonous fish and marine life that can hit you with their poison. Sea urchins are no less dangerous.

The fact is that during the day they often hide in coral reefs, under stones, or burrow into the sand, so the likelihood of contact with them is much lower than at night. Also in the evenings, there are often high tides that bring not only marine life but also mud from the open sea.

Signs with a ban are not on all beaches, but even if you did not see it, be careful when swimming at night, and if possible, then it is better not to enter the water. If you meet marine life, first consider it to understand how poisonous it can be, and then seek medical help.

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