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Why tourists go to “Popcorn Beach”

One of the most unusual beaches is located in the northern part of Fuerteventura and is called Popcorn Bay. And here is popcorn and why tourists go to this beach, read the material “DIP”.

If you look at this beach from afar, it will look like a completely ordinary one, covered with white sand. But as soon as you get closer, it becomes clear that there is no sand here at all: the shore seems to be strewn with a huge amount of the most real submissive.

Why tourists go to "Popcorn Beach"

True, it’s definitely not worth trying this “popcorn”: you risk breaking your teeth. The popcorn-like particles that cover the beach are nothing more than coral debris, carefully sanded by the waves.

Outwardly, the popcorn beach looks very interesting and attractive, but it’s not very convenient to relax here: small coral fragments, although pleasing to the eye, are a real punishment for bare feet. Walking on them is not very pleasant, because fragments of small corals dig into the surface of the foot very painfully. Walking along the popcorn beach is possible only in shoes, it is also better to go to the water’s edge in shales, and sunbathing is recommended only on sun loungers.

But no inconvenience frightens tourists who come to the popcorn beach mainly not to soak up the sun, but to take incredibly beautiful photos.

Why tourists go to "Popcorn Beach"

By the way, the weather here is quite comfortable for recreation: in summer, the air temperature averages 24-26 degrees, and the water warms up to 20-22 degrees.

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