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WHO announces imminent end to pandemic: list of countries that have begun lifting restrictions published

Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) have expressed hope for a “long period of peace” and a “strong world” in the fight against coronavirus – and thus a return to normal life and tourism. Despite the “micron storm”, many countries have already lifted restrictions, with even former Lockdown supporters calling for easing in the near future. Europe is looking forward to the Easter holidays – that is, mid-April – as the first full tourist season.

“High vaccination rates, a milder version of Omicron and the approach of the end of winter are what will be a ‘ceasefire’ that can bring us a lasting peace,” said WHO European President Hans Kluge. He said that the end of the pandemic was not to be expected, but that the whole world was given “an opportunity for a long period of rest” and “an exceptional opportunity to control the transmission of the virus.”

“Even with a more dangerous option (than Omicron), we can respond to new options that will inevitably emerge – without re-installing the subversive measures we needed before,” Kluge added. However, he stressed that the optimistic scenario requires countries to conduct vaccination and surveillance campaigns to identify new options.

Meanwhile, Europe continues to lift restrictions:

Britain has abolished vaccine passports (similar to QR codes), PCR testing, all the hated masks and even quarantine. Iceland has also followed this path.

Sweden, which until recently resisted lockdowns, has joined in lifting most of the restrictions on coronavirus. From February 9, the fight will enter a new phase here – in Stockholm, the rule on closing bars and restaurants at 23:00, as well as restrictions on the number of visitors will be abolished. Vaccine passes for events and even masks on public transport will also be abolished. “The pandemic is not over yet, but we are entering a whole new phase,” said Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson.

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Health Minister Olena Hallengren said the government would be “vigilant. Scandinavian countries, including Denmark and Norway, are also lifting the restrictions.

France has also partially relaxed restrictions.

New Zealand, on the other hand, has “let go” of the tightly closed New Zealand, which is not fully scheduled to open until October, but is also lifting the toughest restrictions.

And Finland went even further: they said that the “vaccine qualification” is a violation of human rights.

The removal of restrictions in Europe may be further influenced by the example of the Freedom Comvo from Canada, where a revolution has actually begun against the sanitary authorities.

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