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What tourists need to know when planning an all-inclusive holiday

It seems that the all-inclusive system solves all the problems of organizing a vacation, but is this always the case? There is a category of tourists for whom vacation in this form is contraindicated. If you are planning a trip, but have not yet decided how you will relax, experts have collected for you the moments that will be an unpleasant discovery for you in all-inclusive.

Not all-inclusive

Yes, the system implies approaches to food without restrictions, but this is not always the case. Much depends on the class of the hotel you plan to check into. Often, non-chain hotels offer a rather meager selection of dishes; in addition, there is a possibility that most of these dishes are not suitable for you specifically, and you will have to pay extra for additional dishes. In order not to be disappointed on the first day of your vacation, be sure to clarify the issue with food before departure.

Check-in time

If you think that all-inclusive gives you some advantages in terms of check-in and check-out times, then we haveten to disappoint you: you should not expect additional bonuses at this point. The only option is to negotiate with the hotel staff, for example, if you have small children and the standard check-in time is not very convenient for your large family. However, we remember that any requests must be polite, and no complaints. In this case, in most cases, they will accommodate you, but not because you made an all-inclusive reservation.

What about luggage?

Unfortunately, the price of an all-inclusive package does not always include the use of luggage storage. Be prepared that you will have to pay extra, even if this is not stated in the tour description. But the amount is not ruinous, and therefore throwing a scandal about this is putting you in an uncomfortable position. If you have a lot of luggage and are used to leaving it at the hotel before check-in, this item is worth your special attention.

Minibar is not always included in the price

“All inclusive”, but this does not always apply to the bar. That is why travel experts advise you to always carefully read the description of the tour you purchased. Having arrived at the place, you may not have the time or desire to figure out what is paid and what has already been paid for by you, so there is a high probability of spending much more due to your carelessness.

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