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What food should not be brought on board so as not to anger the flight attendants

The stewardess said that it is food supplies that can piss off the crew of the aircraft as much as possible.

The main enemy is snacks

Worst of all, in her opinion, are families with young children who chew on chips, cookies, and other snacks. The crumbs from all this remain on the seats, between the chairs, and on the floor, and fall into the smallest cracks. Garbage after such snacks is very difficult to clean up.

Chopped fruits and vegetables have the least consequences: even if a child drops a piece, it is easy to detect and immediately throw it away.

Help is welcome

The flight attendant admitted that they often ask parents to clean up after their children, which causes dissatisfaction, and sometimes even runs into a scandal. However, most passengers support flight attendants and also believe that parents traveling with children do not have the right to create inconvenience to other people in the cabin. They should protect others from the screams and running around of their child and clean up all the mess behind him, and not wait for the staff to do it.

“Aircraft cabin cleaning team sometimes only have a few minutes to clean up. It’s best not to complicate their task,” writes the travel publication.

No persistent fragrances

Don’t eat anything with a strong smell on the plane. The flight crew (and not only them) is especially annoyed by this fragrant trinity: boiled eggs, fish, and broccoli. It is these products that tend to acquire a very specific flavor after lying down for some time in food containers.

Many believe that they came up with a very successful idea: to buy your favorite fish sandwich or french fries at the airport, and not to eat the boiled pasta that is given out on board. However, the neighbors certainly do not like such enterprising passengers.

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