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Watch out for the tiger: the new danger has forced the Thai authorities to urge tourists to be careful

Watch out for the tiger – warned tourists who have gathered to get to know the sights of Thailand in the west of the country in the province of Kanchanaburi. A new danger – a big cat that went outside the reserve and was spotted in places actively visited by tourists, forced the Thai authorities to publish a special appeal to residents and tourists.

According to Thai media, it is about such popular attractions as the Srinagarind Dam and the famous Erawan Waterfall. In this area, several CCTV cameras recorded a sizeable wild cat walking around the platinum at around two o’clock in the morning.

Experts believe that the tiger came out of the Salak Phra Wildlife Sanctuary. The reserve’s security officers, who were the first to see the tiger, said the big cat was even moving across the dam. They urged the public and tourists not to go to the forest near the area. The mayor of Eravan Kittisit Tummas also appealed to tourists to be careful.

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