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Ukrainian tourists rescued a large group of Chinese who were drowning after a shipwreck

Ukrainians in Thailand rescued tourists from China who had an accident during an excursion. As the SHOT Telegram channel learned, a longtail (long-tailed wooden boat) with vacationers from China sank today at ten o’clock in the morning by locals when they were sailing towards Hong Island in Krabi Province. There were seven Chinese citizens and a Thai captain on board. They all ended up in the water, but luckily they were wearing life jackets.

The waves were so strong at the crash site that other longtails passing by didn’t notice the small group of people frolicking in the water. So they spent about 15 minutes and were almost exhausted.

The tourists suffering the calamity were lucky: a larger boat appeared nearby, on which there were tourists from Ukraine, Russia, and a few more Europeans who were on their way to a tour of Phang Nga Bay. Their guide and captain noticed a frightened company of Chinese shouting for help amid the waves.

It is noted that all the Chinese tourists and the local captain were taken on board, taken to the shore, and handed over to the national park staff. No one was hurt. After receiving thanks and hugs from the Chinese citizens, their rescuers went on their excursion.

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