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Turkey’s resorts have issued a warning about trade labels for tourists

The country’s trade ministry has issued a warning to traders operating in tourist areas in Turkey who ignore price tags on goods. He reminded me that price tags are mandatory, and prices must be indicated in Turkish lira.

As quoted by Turizmgunlugu, a message sent from the Ministry of Trade to the Retailers’ Organization stated that goods sold in shops “in compact tourist accommodation”, i.e. in resorts, often do not have price tags. “Such a situation causes discontent among tourists and causes a loss of trust from the point of view of Turkish tourism,” the ministry said.

Traders were reminded that the Consumer Protection Act has provisions on price tags and warned that the label must be on goods offered for retail sale. At the same time, the labels that must be placed on products sold in tourist areas must include “the characteristics of the goods, the selling price, including taxes, the price per unit, the date of application of the price and the phrase “domestic goods” if the product is locally produced.”.

The sellers were also warned that all prices on the labels must be indicated in Turkish lira.

Labels can be handwritten or digitally printed. Where it is not possible to put a label, price lists should be placed in a prominent place,” the ministry added.

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