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Turkey reports a 40 percent increase in demand for housing after the announced mobilization in Russia

Demand for housing for Russians in Turkey rose by 40 percent in just one week after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced mobilization, Turkish private TV channel Cienen-Türk reported, citing industry officials who expect demand to grow even more shortly.

Faruk Akbal, the head of the Turkish organization GIGDER (Organization for the Promotion of Real Estate Abroad), said that in the last week alone, the interest of Russians in houses in Turkey has increased by almost 40 percent.

Hakan Budzak, director of a real estate firm in Turkey, shares these observations.

According to him, the number of interested customers has increased by about 40 percent, and he expects that the increase in demand that has been observed will lead to more sales of real estate to Russian citizens.

Yumi Badger, of a real estate consulting firm in the resort city of Alanya, says that demand for housing in the area has fallen over the past month, but after the announcement of mobilization in Russia, “the picture has changed.”

“In recent days, the demand for housing rent has increased significantly,” he said.

He said that demand has pushed up rental prices again, especially in the last week.

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