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Travel blogger warned tourists about new fraud schemes in Turkey

A travel blogger has warned tourists about the most common scams in Turkey. She shared her observations on her blog.

First of all, the traveler drew attention to cases of cheating vacationers when renting housing.

“I heard more than once about how people found apartments for rent on social networks and contacted the owners. They transferred an advance payment to them, and after a while, they found out that no apartment exists,” the blogger said.

The author referred to another scheme case when the owner of an apartment or apartment previously agreed to rent an apartment for an extended period, from 6 to 12 months, at one price, and a few days before moving in increases the rental price.

According to the blogger’s story, there are scammers in the field of obtaining a residence permit. Residents, offering to provide a turnkey residence permit service, sell fake insurance policies.

“Remember the most important thing: the “helper” cannot influence the approval of your request for a residence permit in any way. Whatever he says, this decision always remains with the migration service. If the “helper” offers to “buy an address” and live in any other place, you may have problems. If the fraud is revealed, you can be deported,” the blogger recalled.

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