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Tourists who buy ice cream in Italy were told what mistake they were making

Italy is famous for its most delicious gelato ice cream, which is sold in special establishments – gelaterias. A tourist from Ireland told in a video on TikTok what mistake those who buy dessert there make.

Ciara Walsh warned her followers that you should not buy in Italy in establishments where mountains of ice cream are displayed on the counters. She assures that real gelaterias do not display the product in large quantities and bright unnatural colors. Most likely, places with mountains of multi-colored ice cream use preservatives and emulsifiers.

Ciara says in her video: “Don’t get ripped off in Italy, make sure you buy the right gelato. Many local gelaterias are created exclusively for tourists, and you can recognize them by the mountains of ice cream. But in reality, you shouldn’t see him.”

However, in the comments, many disagreed with Ciara’s opinion. One person wrote: “I bought gelato at the place where the mountain was and it was the best ice cream I have ever had in my life. It was fantastically delicious.”

Another user wrote: “There are gelaterias that don’t hide the ice cream like in this video and they are just as good.” Another commenter suggested that gelaterias that openly displayed ice cream were simply out of style. “Many of the old gelaterias had mountains of ice cream on display when I was a kid, a long, long time ago,” he wrote.

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