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Tourists were told two things in the hotel room that they need and can take for themselves

A travel expert told tourists two things in a hotel room that you need and can take to make your flight home as comfortable as possible. She recorded a video about it and posted it on TikTok.

Travel expert and CEO of Canada-based Travel Off Path media agency Kashli Kucheran says there are just a few things that can ensure a comfortable flight home from vacation. In a recent TikTok video, she suggested taking slippers and shower caps from hotel rooms. According to Kashli, hotels expect the guest to take the slippers with them in their packaging, because once they are worn, the hotel will never be able to reuse them. In addition, the expert advises taking mini bottles with shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and tea and coffee bags.

When flying home, Kashli advises to put the hotel slippers in your hand luggage, and then wear them on the plane. They are much more comfortable and roomier than regular shoes, which can feel a little tight when the air pressure causes the feet to swell. It is also better than just taking off your shoes, as the slippers will protect against dirt that may have accumulated in the passage or on the toilet floor.

“If you have a long flight, most airlines will provide you with socks. But they are very thin and trust me, you won’t want to wear them to the bathroom. If you brought hotel slippers with you, you can safely walk in them on the plane. Also, just so you know, many airlines don’t offer slippers in economy or even business class – only in first,” Kashley explained.

The second thing Kashli recommends taking with you is a shower cap. However, she believes that they are not needed to protect the hair, but because how it can be used to protect shoes and clothes. “It’s a great way to keep dirty shoes from clashing with the rest of your clothes, especially when you’re changing quickly at the airport and need to put them in your luggage. The cap will cover all the dirty parts of the shoes and save the clothes,” said the expert.

The girl’s advice was warmly received and appreciated in the comments under the video. One person wrote: “I’m a pilot and these hacks are brilliant, especially about shoes.” Another added: “I bought cheap hotel slippers in bulk on Amazon. They are the best on flights and Airbnb.” A third said: “I take everything free from the hotel room. I always find a way to use it in a pinch. After all, the cleaning lady just throws them away.”

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