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Tourists were told two clothing mistakes they constantly make on the plane

Experienced Czech flight attendant Marika Mikusova told the Mirror two mistakes in clothing that tourists constantly make on the plane. This is the wrong choice of shoes and trying to choose a wardrobe according to the weather at the destination, ignoring convenience during a flight of many hours.

Marika Mikusova, who wrote the book “The Flight Attendant’s Diary”, gave some advice on choosing clothes for the plane and commented on the most controversial habit of passengers – taking off their shoes. Photos of people resting their bare feet on tables or lifting them onto seats regularly cause outrage online. However, the flight attendant does not see anything criminal in this, if a person follows several rules.

“If you occasionally buy beautiful but uncomfortable shoes as I do, feel free to take them on board and take them off. Just follow the smell. Stinky feet can be very annoying not only to your fellow travelers, but also to us, your potential saviors,” Marika said.

Also, the flight attendant ironically notes that walking on the plane without shoes is a personal choice of the passenger, but one must be prepared for the consequences. “If you want to walk around the salon without shoes, firstly, thank you for washing the floor in the toilet, and secondly, take a spare pair of socks with you. When you land, you’ll probably want to throw out the old ones. By this time, your socks will already have life, and its residents will have time to choose their mayor,” Marika joked.

The second mistake that tourists make is choosing clothes according to the weather at the destination. “No matter where you fly – to Mauritius or Norway, always dress the same on board: warm and comfortable. While we flight attendants like to see well-developed biceps and calves, it’s distracting when flying. In addition, every plane has an air conditioner,” the stewardess emphasized.

For flights, she advises closed clothes and comfortable shoes, but it is better to avoid high heels. In the event of an emergency, emergency slides or rafts can be punctured. “But since such an extreme situation is very unlikely, passengers are not forbidden to board in high heels,” Marika added.

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