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Tourists were told how much they should tip in different countries

40% of tourists do not check how things are with tips in the countries they are going to visit. This was revealed during a study of the British financial company Tesco Bank. About how much you need to pay tips in various popular destinations, the Express publication reported – such information will be useful to everyone.

Ukrainian tourists, as a rule, do not feel confident about spending abroad and often overpay for goods and services. When it comes to tips, it can be difficult to determine what amount is considered standard for a restaurant or service.

“Checking tipping culture before vacation is often overlooked. But not knowing how much to leave for tea can hurt a vacationer’s budget, said Iain Donaghy, head of finance at Tesco Bank. – It is better to look at the guidebook or find information on the Internet about how much to leave after visiting a restaurant, drinking coffee, or taking a taxi because the percentages can vary depending on the place. Consider tipping when changing money before you travel, as cash is often best in this situation.”


The US has a unique tipping culture, and tourists who find themselves there may be surprised by the amount they have to leave for service. Usually, tipping in a restaurant is 15-20% of the order amount, in addition, tourists are expected to tip maids and hotel staff.


Tipping is not mandatory in Turkey, but tourists can leave extra money for an excellent dinner or service. In bars, taxis, and coffee shops, Turks usually do not wait for tips.


In most cafes, restaurants, and bars in Spain, a service charge is included in the bill. If the restaurant does not enable it, the expert advised to focus on 5-10% of the order amount.


A service charge is usually charged for dinner, but tipping is not uncommon in Portugal. Staff are usually happy to round up the order amount to the next euro. Taxi drivers are not required to tip.


A service charge is usually included in the bill. In Italy, there is also a system of payment for bread and olives per person.

Greece and Cyprus

In Greece and Cyprus, staff do not expect a gratuity, but experts still recommend leaving around 10% for a particularly good dinner or service.


In France, a service fee is added to the bill. Tourists can leave a compliment if they think they received good service.

“I would recommend checking the average cost of dining at your destination and adding in the local tip percentage to get an estimate. Then factor that amount in when you calculate how much money you need to exchange on your trip,” Donaghy summarized.

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