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Tourists were told how employees of Turkish hotels cash in on them

Tourexpert said that the quest to make money can begin already when you check into the hotel.

For example, at the reception, they can report that all budget, but decent rooms are already occupied, and only a room with a low level of comfort remains. However, if you are willing to pay a little more, then you will be provided with an excellent room.

Inexperienced tourists may be led to believe that drinks in the minibar of the room, as well as air conditioning, must be paid extra.

In cafes and restaurants, a compliment from the chef put on the table by the waiter may be included in the bill. You also need to carefully look at the prices on the menu. Sometimes in establishments, cunning restaurateurs indicate prices in an incomprehensible currency.

And if you need to exchange currency, then it is better to resort to the services of an official bank so as not to fall into a fraud story.

When choosing a trip, pay attention to the price. If it is below the market, then there is some kind of catch. For example, the bus may not have air conditioning.

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