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Tourists were told about the main tricks of scammers in Egypt

The Egyptian pyramids are the dream of many travelers. However, for some, a trip to an ancient attraction is accompanied by a struggle with traders and scammers who are ready to leave tourists without money. To help travelers spot the real sellers among the scammers, guide Sam Mayfair shares four popular tricks in his helpful YouTube video, DailyMail reports.

The 39-year-old from Surrey explains that his advice is primarily aimed at those traveling without a guide.

“You’re going in the wrong direction”

This is one of the common scams, according to Sam. He says that if you walk around the pyramids without a guide, people will constantly come up to you, trying to confuse you, saying that you are going in the wrong direction. However, Sam advises them to simply refuse help and keep going, noting that there are only two exits from the pyramid complex.


Another classic scam at the pyramids is when the scammer is armed with a whistle to confuse tourists and at the same time give the impression that he is a representative of the authorities. Sam says that people with whistles can come up and show directions, and they seem to represent local authorities. However, as Sam points out, they are just trying to show something quickly and then charge a high fee for it.

Camel ride

Sam advises tourists to be wary when approached with camels, as there may be a risk of deception. The scammer may start a friendly conversation, but his goal is to get you to ride his camel. Even if you agree to take a selfie with a camel, you’ll have to pay for it, an expert warns.

Free gift

Perhaps the most obvious of the four scams Sam identifies. He claims that cunning people use “different tactics.” In the video showing the deception, a man approaches Sam, asks where he’s from and tries to put a “free gift” in his hand for “good luck.”

“Even if they tell you it’s a gift for good luck and so on, it’s not free. They may come up to you, put something on your shoulder and walk away. Just give it back to them right away and walk away,” the expert warns.

Despite his experience with persistent scammers in Egypt, Sam said:

“I highly recommend visiting the pyramids and exploring Egypt. They are one of the few surviving wonders of the ancient world and a truly remarkable piece of engineering and human perseverance.

Remember that not everyone is a scammer and not everyone is trying to scam you. Some people are just trying to make a living,” Sam also emphasizes in his video.

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