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Tourists were named 5 useful things that should be bought in Turkey

From Turkey, practical tourists bring not only magnets and sweets but also at least five useful things. In her blog, the traveler talked about what is worth buying in a resort country.

“Turkey turned out to be a real discovery – I did not expect that so many interesting and useful things can be found here, except for fridge magnets and the popular Turkish sweet – baklava,” she explained.

We will list the top 5 products that she recommended to be imported from Turkey.

Vitamins and supplements

Turkish pharmacies are full of various supplements and vitamins, the price of which is several times lower than Ukrainian counterparts. “There are drugs from manufacturers known all over the world, but I still prefer locally produced products, which will necessarily be natural and high-quality in composition, and cheaper than analogs. Magnesium, iron, vitamin D, and many other vitamins are very profitable to take in Turkey, however, it is better to consult a doctor before use,” the blogger said.

Home Decor

In Turkey, there is a large selection of towels, bed linen, textiles for the kitchen, dishes, and decorative items. At the same time, the quality is “an order of magnitude higher” due to natural materials and tailoring quality, and the price tag is advantageously different from the Ukrainian one – the cost of Turkish products is 3-4 times lower.


“With such prices as in Turkey, it would be a crime to pass by and not pick up at least 15-20 different types of Turkish spices, herbs, and various dried plants,” she said and strongly recommended buying natural supplements for those who love delicious and aromatic. food

In particular, the traveler paid special attention to sesame paste (tahini, tahini or thin). “It costs about 40 hryvnias, it is not only high-quality and tasty but also very useful. The composition is completely natural. The Turks themselves cook various dishes with it, including desserts, which are unlikely to be replicated at home. But you can just use it as a spread for a morning sandwich – it’s hearty and nutritious,” explained the blogger.

Reference: Tahini, also known as sesame or sesame paste, is common not only in Turkey but also in the countries of the Middle East. It is a thick, fatty paste made from ground sesame seeds. Even those who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders can use it without fear. Tahini is rich in vitamins E, B, and C and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, copper, and phosphorus. It has a lot of omega 3, 4, and 6 and fiber.


According to the tourist, the prices for high-quality Turkish clothes caused her great surprise: “Quality factory basic t-shirts – 70 hryvnias, branded ones – 120-200 hryvnias, men’s branded shirts – up to 450 hryvnias. I have not seen such prices here, and in Turkey, you can get fully dressed for 1,500-2,500 thousand (including outerwear).” All this can be purchased not only at bazaars but also in local stores.


A basket of fresh fruits, which Ukrainians can bring from Turkey at any time of the year, is suitable as a gift for relatives and friends since seasonal fruits are sold all year round in the republic. “Now figs, peaches, and dragon fruit (pitaya, or pitahaya) are ripe, juicy, and very tasty,” the traveler shared, adding that in autumn, such ripe and fresh fruits at adequate prices cannot be found in Ukrainian stores.

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