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Tourists warned about the dirtiest and most contagious places in hotels, planes, and taxis

Travel experts have named the dirtiest and most contagious objects and places in hotels, taxis, and planes.

According to experts, the championship in the nomination “the dirtiest item” in the hotel room holds the TV remote control. It is never wiped between customers and therefore contains harmful bacteria and germs. To minimize the risk of catching an infection, it is recommended to treat the remote control with an antiseptic before use and pack it in a plastic bag for greater safety. Another hotel is “dirty” – the phone in the room. It, like the remote control, is wiped extremely rarely or never at all. Before use, it will not be superfluous to walk on it with a napkin with an antiseptic.

“One of the dirtiest places in terms of hygiene is considered to be the pool area, where people often walk barefoot: pathogenic microbes and bacteria easily multiply in a humid environment. Furniture, sun loungers, and tables are also unsafe, they are far from being always thoroughly wiped. And finally “The dirtiest place is the toilets near the beaches and pools. After visiting these places, we do not recommend touching your nose or mouth until your hands are thoroughly washed,” experts warn.

In a taxi, experts called the front seat the dirtiest place. As a rule, the passenger must wear a seat belt, which has been touched by countless people before. Both the belt itself and the buckle are rarely cleaned, so it is impossible to call them safe.

“As a result, there can be a variety of types of bacteria, even E. coli and staphylococcus aureus. Taxi door handles are also not very safe in this sense,” the expert notes.

The dirtiest thing on an airplane is the tables.

“Studies have shown that airline side tables can contain more bacteria than an aircraft restroom or even an overhead vent. They contain over a thousand bacterial colony forming units (CFU) per square centimeter – eight times more than an airplane toilet flush button,” experts say.

Only the seat pockets are dirtier than the tables on the plane – it’s better not to put anything there at all, and if you have to, then they recommend disinfecting the thing.

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