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Tourists warned about the danger of an earthquake in the popular resorts in Turkey

Geologist and scientist, member of the Turkish Association of Petroleum Geologists, and the Turkish National Committee of Engineering Geology Okan Tuysuz warned tourists about the danger of an earthquake in popular resorts in Turkey.

According to the expert, in total, 45 provinces of the republic are included in the number of dangerous areas on the seismic fault line. So, in the risk zone of the next earthquake were the destinations in demand among vacationers – Izmir, Mugla, Antalya, and Istanbul.

At the same time, he noted that the exact location of most of the faults is unknown, and therefore it is difficult to predict specific places that are in the greatest danger.

Similar forecasts are published by the Turkish edition of Son Dakika, citing a statement by Turkish geophysicists.

Experts emphasize that the resorts of the province of Antalya are at risk of seismic shock, which may occur in the coming years. At the same time, geophysicists recalled that in the past, tragic events that entailed human casualties have already happened there.

“The fault line has not moved for 500 years, but things can change. It could be a seismic rupture,” said geophysicist Bairam Ali Cheltik.

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