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Tourists named the most disappointing sights in the world

According to Wanderlust, experts from MrQ studied the reviews of tourists on the Tripadvisor portal and compiled a list of famous attractions that did not impress travelers properly.

So, in the list of the most disappointing tourist places, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is in the lead. Every fifth user noted that this place is too crowded, and dirty and does not live up to expectations.

The Palace of Versailles (France) was not impressed by 17% of tourists who complained about long queues and high ticket prices. Also, the place is not suitable for guests with disabilities or with small children.

The third line in the anti-rating belongs to Stonehenge: 8% of tourists noted the high cost of parking and food in the vicinity and the disgusting quality of the Internet.

Another Hollywood attraction – the Hollywood sign in large letters on the side of the mountain – disappointed 6% of the guests.

Other attractions that tourists did not like are the White House, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Egyptian pyramids at Giza, and Buckingham Palace.

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