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Tourists have been warned about a simple mistake that can lead to the loss of a suitcase

A simple mistake made at the airport can lead to the loss of luggage. As Mike Harvey, managing director of 1st Move International, a company specializing in international transportation, pointed out, it is about ignoring old luggage stickers on suitcases.

Baggage loss is one of the biggest concerns for travelers and last year, according to the company, 26 million bags were lost or misplaced, Britain’s Sun newspaper reported.

One way that can increase the risk of lost luggage is to not remove old luggage tags left over from previous flights promptly, which can lead to luggage being sent to another flight. The managing director of the company, Mike Harvey, emphasized the importance of accuracy and correct labeling of luggage. “It’s easy to forget to remove tags from previous flights, but this will make it easier for airline staff to see the latest tags and avoid getting confused with other tags. If your luggage is lost, it will be returned to you faster, if, of course, it can be scanned.”

There are several ways to avoid losing things when traveling through airports. For example, avoiding short layovers and opting for longer layovers will give airport staff more time to move luggage between planes. It is also important to ensure that loose straps or hooks on your bag are securely fastened to prevent mishandling of your luggage. Experts also recommended using hard suitcases, attaching tracking devices, such as AirTags, and putting contact details on the bags. In addition, experts recommend always taking a photo of your bag before departure and using luggage tags.

It is important that in the case of lost luggage, a claim must be submitted before departure from the airport, as this starts the tracking process. “Normally, luggage will be tagged with your flight information, but just in case you want to provide the airline with a description, please be as detailed as possible. How many suitcases, what size are they, what color and what brand? Every detail helps,” Harvey noted, adding that a long trip with a properly labeled suitcase usually helps tourists avoid problems with lost belongings while on vacation.

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