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Tourists have been told why you should never wear shorts on a plane

The flight attendant told the tourists that wearing shorts on a plane is one of the most unsanitary things a passenger can do. Also, in his TikTok video, he talked about the dirty places on board and why you shouldn’t put your head on the window.

The passenger never knows who was flying in his seat before him, or what germs or pollution might be there. Long pants protect against direct contact with the surface, which cannot be said about shorts, which put the skin directly under attack.

The flight attendant explains the advice not to put your head on the plane window in the same way: “Don’t fall asleep and lean your head against the window. You’re not the only one who has done this, and you don’t know how many people or children have wiped their hands or other things on that window.’

The crew member calls the toilets the dirtiest places on the plane, recommending not to touch the flush button. “Never touch the flush button with your bare hands. Honestly, it’s just super unsanitary. When you wash off, use a napkin or a cloth that is in the toilet,” advises the flight attendant.

Also, in his video, the airline employee recommends tourists drink more water to avoid dehydration during the flight. If a passenger feels bad, it is necessary to tell the crew about it, at the first request they will bring him water, food, or a bag.

American stewardess Jamila Hardwick also included the tables in the list of the dirtiest places on the plane, because the cleaners do not have enough time to wipe each of them. In addition, some passengers use tables as footrests, and often without shoes and socks. Airlines recommend wiping the surface with a wet napkin before eating.

On the Reddit social network, another flight attendant advised passengers not to put their belongings in their seat pockets. “I recommend never using a seat pocket. They are cleaned of debris, but never cleaned. I pulled it out and saw all sorts of things being pulled out. Dirty napkins, underwear, socks, people’s feet, chewing gum, candy, apple pieces… And then on the next flight you come and put your phone or iPad there,” she explained.

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