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Tourism business specialists have compiled lists of the most curious complaints that their clients left.

Specialists of the tourist business from Australia have compiled lists of the most curious complaints that their clients left, thereby wishing to at least to some extent pay off their travel expenses.

So, one of the tourists, vacationing in a certain African country, complained that not far from his room he saw a live elephant standing on its hind legs. According to the guest, it upset him so much that the whole honeymoon went down the drain! And how do you like such a complaint from ufologists who arrived at the conference. They feared that aliens would sneak into the meeting and reveal all the secrets of our civilization. One of the claims, published in the list, was a complaint by a tourist that she was allegedly locked in her own room. When the hotel staff arrived at the scene of the “incident”, it turned out that the lady had read a sign on the door asking “Do not disturb” and decided that she was forbidden to open the door.

Many funny complaints were received from the Australian tourists themselves. A resident of one of the hotels in Australia wrote a complaint about a sauce that was too thick and hot, because of which he had to constantly dance! Curiosities and celebrities do not bypass. For example, there is a record of one of the famous football players, who lived in a luxurious room overlooking the ocean, that he was disturbed by the sound of the waves that interfered with his sleep. And here’s another interesting complaint: “I ask you to move me to another room, as the current apartments are too“ feminine ”decorated.”

One of the largest hotel companies published statistics, based on which the number of sleepwalkers increased, which caused huge damage to the company, as they walked the corridors naked. To avoid losses, the company issued a brochure on the rules for the treatment of sleepwalkers and distributed to all staff in its hotels, and also ordered to keep sheets on all floors of the hotels to cover naked guests!

Curious incidents also occur in the sky. It turns out that you can drop off a passenger because of a one-year-old baby in your arms! The fact is that the child during takeoff loudly shouted the phrase “Airplane, bye-bye!” This seemed to the crew a bad sign and, turning the plane back, landed and disembarked unfortunate mother! Despite the fact that all the tickets have been sold.

I also had to tinker with cars, but not just somewhere, but in the Vatican itself! After an interview with the chief of police of one of the US states that any driver, getting behind the wheel, is sure to break at least one traffic rule, the Vatican published a pamphlet called “Guide to Pastoral Road Traffic”! In this publication, in all its religious glory, there were requests not to exceed the speed limit, not to talk on a cell phone while driving, and others of the same kind.

There are many more examples of funny and curious cases, but all of them cannot be described. So be careful the next time you file a complaint about a careless hotel doorman. Perhaps this particular complaint will be included in the list of the most ridiculous.

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