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TOP 10 most visited tour sites in the world

We have yet to see the changes in our lives and in the travel industry caused by the pandemic. While many of the changes are evident, some are just beginning to show. It is clear that the industry has changed. This includes visits to travel sites whose traffic volume has changed since Covid-19. As a result, the list of the top 10 most visited travel sites in the world has changed somewhat.

In recent years, the attendance and success variables have changed. This makes sense as the travel industry is one of the industries most affected by COVID restrictions and travel suspensions. ThriveMyWay recently published a study comparing website traffic from 2020 to two years later.

Their methodology is to monitor organic traffic generated in the first month of 2020, just before the start of restrictions, and January 2022. In other words, visits independent of ads are counted. In other words, it’s about trying to measure a website’s marketing success without taking into account their advertising investment.

With this analysis, it is possible to assess the real impact of the global emergency even on the largest players in the industry.

10 most visited travel sites

In the case of the tourism sector, it is not surprising that, in contrast to other areas, the number of visits has decreased markedly. No matter how many people were at home, they preferred to visit other websites. After all, it makes sense that if people couldn’t travel, there was generally no point in looking at travel websites.

However, some differences are striking. For example, despite losing 10.75% of organic visits, Booking remains the most visited site. The case of TripAdvisor is particularly interesting, which also holds the second position despite losing over 33% of its organic traffic.

In other words, the popularity of these sites is so great that even the pandemic has not questioned their leadership. Among those who also suffered losses, Uber is one of those who lost the most (-29.52%), although not as much as Ryanair, which fell to the bottom of the table with visits reduced by 47.74%. Surprisingly, visits to the American Airlines website grew by 11.19%, so not all carriers were hit as hard.

The number of apartment bookings is growing

Another very interesting detail is that Airbnb was able to record growth of 12.85%, so it seems that apartment rentals were able to recover faster after restrictions were lifted. In this regard, Vrbo, a website dedicated to family vacation rentals, saw a huge increase of 44.70%. Thanks to this, Expedia only occupies the 5th position in the top.

Meanwhile, Agoda also grew in January 2022 compared to the same month in 2020. With a 22.19% increase in the number of visitors, it seems that at the moment the desire to travel is returning. In addition, it is very interesting that the Marriott International website ranked ninth with a growth of 16.63%. This shows that customer loyalty programs matter.

Top 10 tour sites in the world

January 2020
After COVID-19
January 2022
Difference (%) Trend
Booking.com 158,239,803 141,221,612 -10.75
Tripadvisor.com 252,696,961 168,754,257 -33.22
Airbnb.com 17,395,306 19,629,820 +12.85 +
Uber.com 21,915,856 15,445,306 -29.52
Expedia.com 36,036,056 35,312,376 -2.01
Vrbo.com 6,793,680 9,830,367 +44.70 +
aa.com 16,703,217 18,572,833 +11.19 +
Agoda.com 15,600,464 19,062,156 +22.19 +
Marriott.com 31,615,136 38,872,602 +16.63 +
Ryanair.com 26,961,852 14,091,270 -47.74

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