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They don’t need Russians: Russian tourists in Turkey complain of severe discrimination when checking into a hotel

Russians complain en masse about the alleged discrimination against them, and also in financial terms – which started in hotels in Turkey. Such “unexpected” news was announced in her blog by a Russian woman living in Turkey. It was about the five-star Side Crown Palace 5* hotel in Side: according to her, the hotel mainly “specializes” in German pensioners who spend the winter at sea, as for Russians – they are not waited for there and even rudely “shut up” and this is despite the advertisement of this hotel in Russian search engines. Russian tourists who arrived at the hotel were demanded to pay an extra 80 euros without remorse, saying that the low price indicated by the hotel was not at all for Russians, and in general “behaved rudely, simply saying, pay extra or go, you are not particularly important to us here.” needed” – the tourist from the Russian Federation is indignant.

According to the tourist, they “found the hotel at a very good price.” “One night and two full days for our family of two adults and a child cost only 3,000 rubles! (1500 hryvnias) Can you imagine it? It’s like eating twice in a restaurant. And here you get “all inclusive”, sauna, hammam and so on. And the reviews about the hotel were also good,” writes the Russian woman. At the same time, she and her daughter were supposed to check into the hotel a day later, and her friends, who “went to find out” whether everything was okay there for such a price, were testing the hotel, “suddenly they only feed French fries there and neither the hammam nor the sauna work “. With the food, everything turned out to be “better than could be imagined”, the “scouts” ran into something else.

“As it turned out, this is one of those hotels in Turkey where European retirees came to spend the winter. At that price, it’s a real bargain for them. Almost 100% of the hotel is inhabited by Germans, and all the staff there speak two languages: Turkish and German. When the friends came to the reception to check in, they were told that the price at which they booked the hotel was “not for Russian, but for German tourists”! And they immediately asked to pay an additional 80 euros,” said the indignant Russian woman. At the same time, according to her, they did not accept any arguments at all, “they behaved rudely and “just said, pay extra or leave, we don’t particularly need you here”, and, as she assures, she also softens the expressions.

In the comments, however, opinions were divided — both those who agreed with the tourist and those who complained about Russian hotels came to them. Some of them also suggested that the nationality of the tourists has nothing to do with it – it’s all about the problems between the hotel and the reservation service, with which the commentators also ended up with surcharges.

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