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The world’s largest tourist boat for excursions was built in Turkey

Already this summer season in Turkey, tourists will have a chance to ride on a record-breaking excursion ship. According to the Turkish media, the world’s largest tourist boat for excursions, capable of accommodating more than 1,000 tourists, was built in Turkey.

The boat, with the size of 4 decks and weighing more than a thousand tons, began to be built in Antalya, at the Manavgat shipyard, 15 months ago. It is expected to be the largest cruise ship in the world. Up to 1,163 tourists and another 50 crew members serving them can be accommodated on board.

The construction of the largest excursion ship cost 130 million Turkish lira – the media add, that is, about 254 million hryvnias. At the moment, it has already been launched with all the appropriate ceremonies.

The ship is still awaiting interior decoration and work on the design of the cabins. However, tourists have a chance to get to know the record holder as early as 2023 — the boat is scheduled to be commissioned for the summer season.

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