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The tourist told how she does not pay for food and drinks at airports

The TikTok generation has discovered a pretty obvious hack on how not to pay exorbitant prices for food and drinks at airports, as well as onboard low-cost airlines, where all food is paid. In short, the method is quite obvious for a Russian tourist – to take food with you. With water, however, difficulties arise, because. it is not allowed through exceptional control. But this limitation can also be circumvented.

As the user “letsbefranc” said in his video blog, thanks to this simple move, “she never goes hungry and never pays crazy money for food at airports.” “We got through airport security in ten minutes – and I’m going to show you what food you can take with you without any problems,” the blogger said in the video. The couple took sandwiches, chips, and sweets with them, which did not cause any questions from the guards. “It’s just another good hack when trying to travel cheap. Food at airports is usually insanely expensive, and the queues for it are crazy. We are glad that we brought our food,” the blogger said.

There are more problems with water, which is forbidden to be carried inside the “clean zone”. Here, the blogger advises you to take an empty bottle with you – which is allowed and fill it in the “drinking fountain”, which, according to her, is at every airport. (Unfortunately, this is not the case in Russia).

Judging by the comments, for some users, this life hack turned out to be an innovation – “I didn’t know this,” they write. Other bloggers “didn’t discover America,” but the method they advise — especially in the case of flying with a low-cost airline or a long-haul flight — is to take something to chew with you is a good plan. It is also a good plan when traveling with children to distract them, commentators add. However, it is recommended to remember the rules of courtesy – and not to take strong-smelling or dirty food with you – experts also add.

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