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The TOP of the cheapest and most expensive cities in Europe for recreation in 2023 has been named

Tourist experts have warned tourists about the most expensive and cheapest European cities for vacation in 2023.

As Express writes, this year against the backdrop of the economic crisis that has gripped most countries of the world, tourists should be more careful when choosing a place to rest. Those who want to save money are advised to pay attention to less popular destinations.

“Exploring cities that may not be the most popular options can be a great way to get the most for your money, as well as get new romantic and cultural experiences for you and your loved ones,” said a representative of one of the major British travel firms.

At the same time, tourists are advised to pay attention not only to the distance to the destination from the places of permanent residence, but also to the prices there, because it is not uncommon for destinations with cheap tickets to have higher costs for food, accommodation and other related costs.

Top 10 most affordable cities in Europe for vacation in 2023

  1. Pidgorica, Montenegro.
  2. Skopje, North Macedonia.
  3. Debrecen, Hungary.
  4. Szeged, Hungary.
  5. Warsaw, Poland.
  6. Sofia, Bulgaria.
  7. Lublin, Poland.
  8. Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  9. Belgrade, Serbia.
  10. Prague, Czech Republic.

Top 10 most expensive cities in Europe for vacation in 2023

  1. Zug, Switzerland.
  2. Zurich, Switzerland.
  3. Reykjavik, Iceland.
  4. Tromse, Norway.
  5. Basel, Switzerland.
  6. Copenhagen, Denmark.
  7. Oslo, Norway.
  8. Lausanne, Switzerland.
  9. Geneva, Switzerland.
  10. Stavanger, Norway.

As reported by DIP, British Airways previously named the best destinations for traveling with small children. Krakow, Poland, topped the rating.

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