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The three most dangerous cities in the world have been named, where tourists are advised not to leave the hotel

When going on vacation, tourists dream of cozy resorts, safe walks, and unforgettable experiences. However, there are several popular tourist cities where high crime rates make travel extremely risky. The Daily Star portal named the top 3 most dangerous cities in the world.

These three cities would seem to be ideal for a holiday, but rising crime rates are forcing tourists to stay within the confines of their hotels.

Acapulco, Mexico: “hell” on the coast

There are resorts in Acapulco, but visiting them is not advisable. Acapulco, once an oasis of tourism, is now in chaos due to violence and crime. The city, surrounded by the picturesque Madre del Sur mountains, was once famous for its nightlife and luxury resorts. Today, however, criminal gangs are vying for control of the city, leading to clashes and shootings in the streets. In August this year, El Pais dubbed Acapulco a “hell” where shootings, barricades, and car burnings are commonplace.

Numbeo rated the crime rate in Acapulco as high with a rating of 76.97. “Local authorities are working to reduce the risks for visitors to the Acapulco tourist area, but you should exercise extreme caution. Stay within your hotel at night and avoid leaving the tourist area,” the UK government warned against any travel to the state of Guerrero, including Acapulco. The only exception is transit through the federal toll road 95D.

Kingston, Jamaica: an island with a double-face

Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, is a less popular resort among tourists from the CIS. It amazes me with its beauty but hides a criminal world inside. White sand beaches and luxury resorts rub shoulders with areas where poverty pushes people into crime. Robberies and assaults are common on the streets of Kingston.

“Visitors are advised not to leave safe areas,” Armormax experts warned. Jamaica, despite its attractiveness, has high crime rates in all categories, including car theft, home/person robbery, and drugs.

It is important to remember that beautiful views do not always guarantee safety. Travelers should always follow government advice and avoid areas where crime rates are high. It is better to enjoy the views from the hotel grounds without leaving it, and remember your safety. Numbeo gave Kingston a crime rating of 78.82, even higher than Acapulco. Crime rates are high, particularly in certain areas of Kingston, Montego Bay, and around the area, with robbery being the motive behind most attacks on tourists.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: light and shadow

Rio de Janeiro is a city of contrasts, where endless beaches and a vibrant carnival coexist with a high crime rate. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, but also one of the most dangerous. One of Rio’s main tourist attractions is the Christ the Redeemer statue on Mount Corcovado. However, travelers should be careful: the hiking trail leading to the monument has become the site of armed robberies. Authorities in several countries recommend avoiding this path and not using the trail at this time. Rio de Janeiro has a crime rating of 90.39, making it one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

The situation in different areas of the city can vary greatly, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the nuances to avoid the most dangerous places. Travelers should be especially vigilant, do not go outside the confines of secure hotels at night, and take all precautions.

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