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The Spanish government has warned tourists about the danger of social unrest

Spain’s government has issued a new warning to all foreign travelers about the risk of further outbreaks of protests in the country’s capital so they know when traveling there that mass unrest can happen “without warning” and urged holidaymakers to be vigilant.

Spain is an incredibly popular tourist country, and tourists love to come there both in the summer and in the colder months to bask in the winter sun. However, those visiting the area should be aware of some new government travel advice, the Express reported.

This time, the wave of mass social riots is not related to the introduction of covid restrictions – the authorities are weakening them, but the cost of living has risen significantly. “Demonstrations, political gatherings or marches can take place in Spain almost without warning, especially in cities.” Tourists coming to the country are advised to “follow the advice of the police and local authorities. Although the vast majority of demonstrations are peaceful, there is a risk of isolated incidents of unrest or violence. If you are in or near areas where demonstrations are taking place, remain vigilant and leave quickly if there are signs of unrest,” the official warning said.

We will remind you, on Saturday, October 22, protests broke out in the capital. Demonstrators demanded an increase in wages and pensions in line with inflation as the cost of living crisis continues to grip Europe. It was reported that 3,000 people turned out for the protest in Madrid.

On October 19, a similar rally took place in the resort of Barcelona, ​​when hundreds of activists delayed the opening of the international real estate fair. Their mass exit to the streets was also linked to the aggravation of the cost of living crisis in the country. That day, protesters threw paint at the participants. The police detained some of the activists.

As social unrest grows, the Spanish government has warned foreign tourists heading to the country in the Pyrenees that such protests could happen “without warning” and urged them to be prepared.

Regarding crime in Spain, the government has advised guests to be aware of street crime, especially thieves who use distraction techniques. They also advised travelers to take care of important personal belongings, buy drinks and constantly monitor them to make sure they are free of impurities.

As for border sanitary restrictions, they do not currently apply to those entering Spain. “As of October 21, 2022, all travel restrictions due to COVID-19 for travelers to Spain have been lifted. The rules that used to apply to travelers coming to Spain no longer apply. You are no longer required to provide proof of full vaccinations, a negative test for COVID-19, recovery from COVID-19 in the past six months, and you are no longer required to fill out a pre-travel health check form,” the country’s official leadership testified.

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